International Day of Older Persons

See the Mayoral Proclamation from last years UN International Day of Older Persons

Whereas: The General Assembly of the United Nations adopted resolution
46/91 on 16 December 1991 which laid out the UN Principles
for Older Persons and;

Whereas: that resolution included 18 principles which promote

Independence, Participation, Care, Self Fulfilment and Dignity,

Whereas: the UN encourages Governments to incorporate these
principles into their national programmes whenever possible
which Canada has recognized in 2010 by recognizing October
1st as National Seniors Day, and

Whereas: we recognize and appreciate the contribution that older persons

make to their communities, and;

Whereas: we recognize that individuals are reaching an advanced age in
greater numbers and in better health than ever before and
scientific research is disproving many stereotypes about
inevitable and irreversible declines with age,